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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, can someone please explain to me what are Phi min and Phi max in N-S horizontal tracking? it would be great if someone has a schematic that explains it better thank you
  2. PVcase imported trackers do not have pitch defined when going in the modify object. Does it impact backtracking? I have heard from a few industry people that it does not do the backtracking as it does not have the pitch defined (or not an array of the trackers) and all the trackers are ungrouped and are not an array of trackers Also if I ungroup an array of trackers which was created in PVsyst near shading, does this affect the backtracking? See the below snip for reference Pvcase export An array of trackers was created in Pvsyst and then ungrouped
  3. When PVcase exported PVC file imported into PVsyst, the tracker has more number of modules than it should be (87 modules per tracker instead of 84 modules ). I know this is due to the tracker motor gap and foundation gap for terrain following trackers (Multiple bays of 7 and 8 modules with foundation gap). I tried to divide all the gaps into module spacing to achieve the tracker length and changed the number of modules per tracker to actual numbers. See spreadsheet screen shot. In the process, I modified the rectangle’s length to equal the number of modules per string times the module width. However, this adjustment reverts to the original incorrect lengths when applied to trackers with different string configurations (2-string or single-string), showing 87 modules for a 3-string tracker instead of the correct 84. As a workaround, I’ve manually selected all similar trackers and altered the module numbers using the CTRL+G command. Question is- 1. Is this the correct method? If not, do we have other methods for simulations of terrain-following trackers with multiple bays? 2. Does this affect the thermal losses as modules have larger spacing compared to actual spacing (1 inch for reference)
  4. Hello, Can we incorporate parameters such as motor gap and piles gap in the near shading when creating the array of trackers? This way, the length of the trackers generated in the shading scene will align with the length of the trackers in my layout, accounting for these gaps.
  5. Hello everyone, I need an help to solve some issues on my project's results. I am working at a PV system with the following characteristics: - trackers with monoaxial system rotating on the N-S axis; - fixed tilt; - fixed azimut; - adapted to the terrain configuration. Looking at the advanced simulation results, I noticed some strange values under the ''Pltilt'' and ''PlAzim'' voices. I attach some pictures to explain my issue. As soon as I looked at these results, expecially at the PlAzim and PlTilt values, I immediately asked myself: - If my trackers have to rotate on N-S axis only, why do PlTilt and PhAzim values change? - where can I found on PVsyst a formula on which is explained how these values are evaluated (if I can find it)? - Is it correct to define the PlTilt as the inclination of the tracker respect to the horizontal axis? If yes, it has to be fixed in my configuration, isn't it? - Is it correct to define the PlAzim as the inclination of the tracker respect to the Azimut? If yes, it has to be fixed in my configuration, isn't it? thank you for answering.
  6. I cannot simulate tracker's 3D scenes built with AutoCAD and plugings like PVCase or VirtuoSolar. With fix structure I was able to solve it by changing the tolerance in the "shading scene construction > tools > orientation management". Most of the scenes I am building are placed in sites where irregular terrain characteristics having NS tilted trackers with tilt angles from -8Dgr to 8Dgr is very common. In my projects computing 3Dscenes under this scenarios is a must specially because I need to use bifacial modules. PVSyst 7.2.12 Screen shoots How can I process this type of 3D scenes ? What I am doing wrong ? Thanks and regards M
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