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PVSYST 7.4.0 changes in Shadings: Electrical Loss acc. to strings

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Hi all.

With the recent update of PVSYST to the 7.4.0 version I have see that the shading electrical losses are too much higher comparing with the previous version.

Launching the same simulations of a PV plant (using the same parameters and the same Near Shadows scene, the shadings losses goes from -0.34% (in 7.3 version) to -3.41% (in the version 7.4). Could it be a possible bug? Is is possile to the new version overestimate this kind of losses? Near and far shadow losses factors change too but the value are similar this only happens with the shading electrical losses.

Thank you very much.




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This is likely not a bug but part of the feature. But we would need to see your scene to be sure. First of all, I would recommend checking the two following posts



In version 7.3, the electrical shading losses were oftentimes underestimated. Now the partition model tends to overestimate irregular shadings, which is what it was originally intended to do. For irregular shadings (not just mutual shadings), you should use the fraction for electrical effect to mitigate this overestimation.

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The following types of shading patterns were typically neglected in version 7.3, and are accounted for in version 7.4 (somewhat overestimated when they are irregular, i.e. not a long mutual shading like in screenshot #2). All of these shadings are due to the topography and should not be neglected, i.e. version 7.4 should be more accurate (albeit somewhat overestimated) than version 7.3.

Since these shadings are partly irregular you could consider a factor for electrical effect somewhere around 80-90% to mitigate the overestimations, but it will be very hard for us to give you aprecise value that fits the whole scene: there are many different shading instances on the scene.



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I am seeing this same thing as well. Near Shading and Electrical losses jumped significantly between v7.3.4 and v7.4.0. @Michele Oliosi is there any other way to mitigate this besides adjusting the electrical effect factor? I already have the electrical effect factor at 70%. 

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Probably 7.3.4 was underestimating the losses in your case. I am not sure there's a solid reason to go back to a situation where the losses were underevaluated. But you can always reduce the shading factor further, even though we don't recommend it.

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