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PVcase PVC export problem with terrain following tracker


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When PVcase exported PVC file imported into PVsyst, the tracker has more number of modules than it should be (87 modules per tracker instead of 84 modules ). I know this is due to the tracker motor gap and foundation gap for terrain following trackers (Multiple bays of 7 and 8 modules with foundation gap).  I tried to divide all the gaps into module spacing to achieve the tracker length and changed the number of modules per tracker to actual numbers.  See spreadsheet screen shot.

In the process, I modified the rectangle’s length to equal the number of modules per string times the module width. However, this adjustment reverts to the original incorrect lengths when applied to trackers with different string configurations (2-string or single-string), showing 87 modules for a 3-string tracker instead of the correct 84. As a workaround, I’ve manually selected all similar trackers and altered the module numbers using the CTRL+G command.image.thumb.png.d8e1ba5132c3538120cb144354493083.pngScreenshot2024-02-22112016.thumb.png.fae96edece37934a0bd2289664ee9888.png


Question is- 1. Is this the correct method? If not, do we have other methods for simulations of terrain-following trackers with multiple bays?

2. Does this affect the thermal losses as modules have larger spacing compared to actual spacing (1 inch for reference)

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Hello. Did you check the "Terrain following trackers" checkbox in the "Frame creation" tab in PVcase? This setting should break the PVcase trackers into multiple smaller trackers for PVsyst (according to the defined gaps), placing the modules at the correct location.

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