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20 years Simulation

Main AlBataineh

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Hello Everyone,

While doing a 20 years simulation for 778kWp/700kWac fixed system, in the "Results summary", the Prodcued Energy is 1313.77MWh/year.
In the annual energy production list for 20 years, the production for the first year is 1311.5MWh/year.

Why these two values are different?

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Dear Main AlBataineh,

I assume you are using the aging tool in the advanced simulation. If the production year 1 in the results in the aging tool is slightly lower than in the results summery, it could be because the aging has not been defined in the detailed losses.

If you in the detailed losses window, in the Aging tab have not ticked the box "Uses in simulation" (see screen shot below), the simulation will not take the aging into account.


If you in the detailed losses window under the aging tab have defined the aging parameters, the produced energy that defined year, should correspond to the value that same year in the aging tool in the advanced simulation. 

Kind regards

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