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P90 in KWh/KWp


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Hi PVsyst,

Hopefully I get response for this important question.

I attached part of PVsyst report related to one project and we need to provide both P50, and P90 in KWh/KWp. These information are required by the bank.

How can I get these values since in the report we have P50, P90 in MWh not in KWh/KWp?.


Thank you in advance,



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Hi Linda,


Unfortunately the specific production kWh/kWp/year for P50, P90 don't exist in the report. Can you refer to this case that you mentioned and indicate where I can find these values P50, P90 in KWh/KWp/Year? 

Thank you in advance  

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Make sure you have ticked the alternative "Show P50-Pxx values on main results page" in the "Display on report" box in the P50 P90 window, see below.


By generating a report, your main result will include also the specific production for the defined Pxx. See below the report of the DEMO Residential system at Geneva.



Kind regards

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