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Template which contains all the info for same type of projetcs.


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Can we create a template for every client if we are working for multiple client? Template will have name, logo, and all other information like pages required other info on the report. This will help us not to write the same thing multiple times. 

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Dear Shivam,

You can edit the list of clients from the project main dialog. But there is no template system for setting information common to several clients. It's not possible to template the list of report pages specifically for some clients. From the report dialog, you can check as "default" in the menu "Report options>Final report option". Then the selected list of pages will be common to all clients.


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1 hour ago, MicheleANE said:


While there is no template system, you can make a template-like variant in a project and then when creating a new project you can import that variant as a base.

Hope this helps, best regards

Thank you, currently doing the same.

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