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Best practices - String configuration


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to PVSyst. I'm working on a 2.4MWp ground-mounted power plant project. I'd like to run a PVSyst simulation, but first I'd like your advice on the method to use.
I have the following configuration 4012 modules (605Wp) and 6 inverters 330KTL (6 MPPT).
I opt for the following configuration 5 inverters with 4 strings / MPPT 28 modules in series and one inverter with 4 strings of 28 modules on one MPTT and 4 strings and 27 modules on the other 5 MPPT.

What is the best solution for simulating this configuration in PVSyst? 
Do I have to use Share power? If not, what other solution is there?


Thanks for your answers ,

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In the case of your first 5 inverters where all strings are the same, there is not necessarily a need to use the multi-MPPT feature and the power sharing, you can simply define the entire inverter. But of course you can also define it the way you have explained it. 

For the last inverter with different number of modules in series you should activate the Use multi-MPPT feature and define two sub-arrays, one with 1 MPPT input 4 strings and 28 modules in series, and the second one with 5 MPPT inputs 20 strings and 27 modules in series. By using the Power sharing, you will be sharing of Nominal Power between MPPT inputs of the same inverter.

In the following links you can read more about the MPPT feature, and an example of a configuration using the MPPT feature and the power sharing:


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