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Simulation output file does not match inputted custom meteo file


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I am using PVSyst version 7.2, I have created a template  meteo file that contains irradiance (w/m2) and ambient temperature (c) iwhich I import as a custom file into PVsyst with an appropriate conversion protocol file (MEF). The imported file contains hourly expected data for the whole year (8760 hours) with only 24 hours changed to actual values representing the actual temperature and irradiance values of the day I'm considering that come from the sensors at site. 

In some cases, values for the amb temperature and irradiance are 0, which should result in PVSyst simulating no energy production during that time interval, however when performing the simulation and extracting the output file I notice that the amb temp and irradiance values for intervals that were inputted as 0 have changed and become positive and therefore pvsyst has simulated energy production when there should not be. 

Has anybody faced similar problems or might know a way around this? 

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