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More than 8 orientation, and cause error after imported 3d scene into pvsyst


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Hi Everyone,

I have a project where the installed capacity is about 3.5MWp. In my design I used CSI 655W PV module.

I built the 3D model of my project using sketchup + skelion.

the following is my face result generate by skelion basic report:-


As you can see I have more than 8 different orientation in my case.

After I exported the 3d model from sketchup and imported it to pvsyst...

PVsyst said more than 2188 nos PV module don't have orientation... i believe it is because PVsyst only can add up to 8 orientation right?

In this case, how do i result the issue ya?

Thanks for advice, I am new in PVsyst.... 



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Hi Garf,

You're right, currently PVsyst cannot handle more than 8 orientations. You will need to group some orientations together (averaged orientations) so that you get 8 orientations max. To do this, you can use the tool for managing orientations in the 3D scene:


FYI, we are currently working on a new major version of PVsyst which will allow you to have as much orientation as you want. This version is planned for this year if all goes well.

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thanks for feedback and advice.

Recently I have another issue regarding the shading analysis.

When I import the 3D scene of my 3.5MWp project in pvsyst, i only took a short while to import the 3d model of the project (export from sketchup, 3ds file).

After that project, I noticed Pvsyst took a very long time to import 3ds model export from sketchup (for my other small project). many times it just hang there and unable to process further in importing 3ds file.

Wondering what went wrong.

thanks if anyone can advise.


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Posted (edited)

Hi everyone,

I am facing a very similar issue. I have complted a roof top design for a 6.7MW rooftop design from Sketchup (using Skelion) and when it comes to rendering the design in PVsyst, I get the same error message.

I have looked at the orientation managment tab but cannot figure out how to group various (but similar tilts) together. Worse off, sections of roof that are mixed over a  a north and south facing orientation but on the same inverter bank. ie strings split over two orientation roofs.

Just want to add, I am new to PVsyst and come from a Helioscope background where the the rendering is far more simple, however on this scale cannot provide what I need. I have spent the last month learning PVsyst through many tutrials and see the potential however I am struggling with the final polished structure. The rendering alone took me 2 weeks to understand. 




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The method suggested above is to increase the tolerance set as default to 1° to a higher value, allowing to group various (but similar) tilts together. 

Then you should define the system configuration with different sub-arrays for each orientation in the System window. It is indeed possible to have different orientation of the same inverter, though a string cannot be split over two orientations in PVsyst.

Don't hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions, either posting in the forum or sending an email to support@pvsyst.com 

Kind regards


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Thanks Linda, appreciate the speedy reply. 

It seemed to work to increase the the tolerance, I am now sitting with 6 orientations. I am busy working through the system config and sub-arrays. Will be in touch if I struggle with it.


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