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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. actually my aim is to use both input of MPPT10, one input for 15PV string and another input for 16PV string. for my case, how shall I configure in the setting then? thanks again
  2. Hi, I would like to ask how to set the following string configuration in Pvsyst:- Let say, I use CSI 545Wp PV panels; and Ginlong Solis Inverter Solis-100K-5G (10 MPPT and 2 input per MPPT) 9 string x 22PV per string (MPPT 1 to 9) 1 string x 16PV per string (MPPT 10 input 1) 1 string x 15PV per string (MPPT 10 input 2) Total Power shall be 229PV x 545Wp = 124.8kWp. 124.8kWp / 100kW, my DC:AC shall be 1.248 But when I configure like the following photo in PVsyst, the inverter quantity become 1.1 unit, and AC power become 110kW. How to configure correctly per what I want (1 unit inverter instead)? Thanks in advance
  3. thanks for feedback and advice. Recently I have another issue regarding the shading analysis. When I import the 3D scene of my 3.5MWp project in pvsyst, i only took a short while to import the 3d model of the project (export from sketchup, 3ds file). After that project, I noticed Pvsyst took a very long time to import 3ds model export from sketchup (for my other small project). many times it just hang there and unable to process further in importing 3ds file. Wondering what went wrong. thanks if anyone can advise.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a project where the installed capacity is about 3.5MWp. In my design I used CSI 655W PV module. I built the 3D model of my project using sketchup + skelion. the following is my face result generate by skelion basic report:- As you can see I have more than 8 different orientation in my case. After I exported the 3d model from sketchup and imported it to pvsyst... PVsyst said more than 2188 nos PV module don't have orientation... i believe it is because PVsyst only can add up to 8 orientation right? In this case, how do i result the issue ya? Thanks for advice, I am new in PVsyst....
  5. Hi All, I'm new in Pvsyst. Say I would like to simulate a PV System that use Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 Inverter. This inverter has 4 number of MPPT, and 8 number of Input. Meaning that each MPPT can connect 2 strings. I would like to know how to let PVsyst know that I'm connecting 2 string to a MPPT instead of connecting it to 2 separate MPPT? Or how do i make the said configuration in PVsyst? thanks in advance for advise.
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