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  1. Hi Brian! Did you configure the bifaciality details in the system section (button above the PV-module selection list) or did you just select the PV-modules with bifacial functionality? Regards!
  2. Hi Emma, i believe the time shift could be related to the actual solar azimuth 90° time vs. 12h00. In other words, it's related to where in your time zone you are actually located. Does this make sense to you? Regards, Helu
  3. Thanks @dtarin! This is exactly the feedback i received from PVsyst's André Mermoud today. He wrote: "Nothing has changed in the PAN and OND formats. In the most recent versions of PVsyst, you can always read any old file, produced by any older version of PVsyst. However the upward compatibility is not ensured: you cannot read files of the Version 7 with a version 6. Now the files may be corrupted. Sometimes people open them in a text editor, and this editor may change the control characters when saving." This actually leaves me more confident regarding the software's developments. As i am getting this problem with the files from major manufacturers, possibly the editor-bug may apply. It could be caused by a curious employee wanting "to check if there was a change" opening the .pan or .ond-file in an editor. I think I'll follow this lead and see what i can learn... Regards
  4. Many thanks for your feedback, @satashi0123 ! I had this thought but discarded. My rationale was "the PVsyst team wouldn't release a new version without assuring downward compatibility on such a simple thing as the .ond. and .pan-file's data structure". Also, i e.g. made sure i got the most current .ond file Huawei issued for the 215KTL. It came from CN the day i got it and was still getting the same issue. This would mean the manufacturers are not made aware of such version issue by PVsyst. Should i really need to reconsider? Wouldn't this be a matter of capabilities of PVsyst as a product and as a company? Of whether a software like PVsyst would be better off if being developed on some sort of open source collaborative platform? Many multi-M-USD-investments, infrastructure planning etc. are relying of these simulations. Is there a reliability bias? :? Now that i wrote this it got me worried... :o Regards! P.S. I put all this up to the support directly. I'll let you know when i get feedback from support.
  5. I still, again and again face the problem, now in a completely new PVsyst installation on a new machine with new database. Does anyone else see messages invalidating componentes due to "Invalid separator"? Is it me? :( Looking forward to hearing some idea... Regards
  6. Thanks dtarin! Do you have the feeling the issue really is in the files or might something have gone wrong with databases in the PVsyst installation? Mine has been running for many years on the system with what feels today like zillions of updates having been performed...
  7. Hi Abdel did you try a simple reverse calculation? The help contains a page on "grid system presizing". I suggest looking in there for a start. Regards
  8. Dear all, i'm facing some trouble importing componentes (both .pan and .ond files) received directly from manufacturers into PVsyst. The program imports the files into the respective folder. But when starting the design system (i.e. opening a project) a message appears saying "invalid separator" (see attached picture for the HUAWEI 215KLT inverter as a general example, third try with file received from their HQ). As I have this issue with several manufacturers I got the feeling it's my software or database that are wrong and not the files... Did anybody face such issue before? Is there a solution? Looking forward to reeding your feedback!! Regards
  9. Dear PVsyst Team, in Version V6.73, when defining ohmic losses with an external transformer the iron losses value can't be used. When entering the value for the transformers primary side voltage the following happens: ohmic losses, ext transformer bug The iron losses values are replaced by numbers (*91211) lead by a "*" (see attachment). Because of the numbers an error occurs and the external transformer functionality can't be used at all in this Version. Please fix urgently ;-) Best regards, Heiko P.S. Or is this a hidden hommage to the 90's TV Show "Beverly Hills 90210"? Funny, a bit! But disturbing too. Please fix anyway...
  10. HLubke

    PVSYST @Mac

    Thanks André! Actually i started wondering about the subjectafter reading the description unter "http://www.pvsyst.com/en/software/download". It says: "Required computer configuration Operating System : - Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (older versions of Windows NT, 98, 95). 32-bits and 64-bits processors. - MAC OSX (see here) and Linux with a virtual machine running Windows 32-bits (e. g. VirtualBox). - Windows servers are not supported" So i understand the MAC OSX with a virtual machine running Windows 64-bits works fine too. Maybe his information can be added to the sites content?
  11. HLubke

    PVSYST @Mac

    Thank you a lot Marvin! This made it clear for me. I'll use PV Syst under 64bit and in case a software requires 32bit I'll see...
  12. HLubke

    PVSYST @Mac

    Hi guys I am about to buy a Windows 8 copy to run PVsyst under Parallels on my Macbook Air. Now i am not sure whether to buy the 32 or 64-bit version. Is the use in a Mac restricted to 32-bit? This would limit the memory useage. wouldn't it? Thanks for helping out! Heiko
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