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  1. Dear PVsyst team, I am facing a problem since i updated to 7.2.2 (even though the problems of 7.2.1 were mostly solved). The parametrization for backtracking simulation is not using the settings as provided in the PV field design (7.0m) but another value (6.6m). There is no indication where this value might come from. Please see screenshots: Screen1: Object editing dialogue cites pitch = 7.00 m. Screen2: The “Backtracking Management” dialogue cites pitch = 6.60 m and does not appl the actual module size for “Collector width”. (however it lists the correct min. pitch value of 7.00 m in the fields table). Screen3: This results in the Orientation Parameters dialog also citing the wrong pitch = 6.60 m not considering correctly the PV module size. The resulting problem is quite embaracing: I am simulating the as-built design for two similar projects in different sites. The equipment is the same, technical design is similar. After simulating the results with v.7.2.1 the client called ou attention to the errors in that version (diffuse not considered) and asked for correction (turning red already from embarrassment). Then we simulated both systems with v.7.2.2 and one system receives a ~5% increase of incident irradiance gain from trackers while the other doesn't (turned bright red). Now, adjusting the pitch in the backtracking to the actual pitch the second system results with an additional gain of 3.2% from tracking (versus v.7.2.1 sim.). Possibly, the difference from ~5% to 3.2% results from higher diffuse share. But it all seems doubtful now. I'd really appreciate if you could provide a feedback regarding these problematic results from wrong backtracking parameters. Object editing dialogue: pitch=7.00m Backtracking Management dialogue: pitch = 6.60 m Orientation Parameters dialogue pitch = 6.60 m
  2. Hi i am modelling a system with fixed tilt sheds where the *.shd file insists to add a parameter "PitchSlope=90.0", the shed-to-shed slope (it's a parameter of the PV_Object pvShdArraySunShield). If i manually replace the value to "PitchSlope=0.0" in the *.shd file, the model opens just fine. After i close the variant and save it the parameter disappears in the *.shd file. When i open the model again and start the near shading module, all sheds are "stacked" with the 90° slope. If i save again, the above mentioned parameter appears again. This happened in one other model i did some time ago but i cancelled the project and discarded it. So i ignored. It did not appear in the ~15 other projects i modelled in between... I am using plain ground with a ground image (*.pgn) (no ground model) and no pitch slope actually. I'd appreciate some help because it was a nasty piece of work to place the sheds in this one...
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