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  1. Yes, the inverter in the model is the same as the one in the field, we use a SMA Sunny Tripower 8KVA. Below I have a screenshot of my system window.
  2. Hello everybody, In the picture below you can see 2 graphs. The left one is the outputpower of the inverter MEASURED, the right one is the ouputpower of the inverter SIMULATED. It is clear that on the left, the inverter goes 'clipping' at a value of 8kW, why doesn't this happen when simulated in PVsyst? Does this have anything to do with the overload losses?
  3. Hello everybody I made a custom meteo file based on my own measurements. These measurements started on 20 july 2021, 9u25. In the picture below you can see in orange that the imported meteo data is shifted by -53 minutes, but i don't really understand how that is possible because i defined a 5 min time shift in the .MET file. Can anybody explain what the time shift is and why it is -53minutes here? Thanks, Emma
  4. But because i am using bifacial panels, I have PAO at the rear and front side, how do i implement this? Also I was wondering if it is possible to costum a meteo file with only 1 month worth of measured data?
  5. Hello everybody, I would like to use my own measured data as a meteo file. I am working with bifacial panels and i was wondering wich parameters u need to make a costum meteo file? Thanks in advance, Emma
  6. We got these values from Belpex, so It's quite accurate... Belpex: https://my.elexys.be/MarketInformation/SpotBelpex.aspx
  7. Hello everybody As you can see in the picture below, my NPV and ROI are really high, while my payback period is very low. Does anybody knows how it is possible that these values are so high/low? Thanks in advance Emma
  8. Hello the task of my thesis is to simulate the output power of an existing bifacial one axis solar tracker.This setup uses 36 bifacial solar panels (455W). 1 string consists of 12 modules and each string is connected to 1 MPP of an 8kW SMA Sunny Tripower inverter. When inserting the Inverter at 'System' I get the error message that the array max power is greater than the specified inverter max allowed input PV power. How is it possible that this setup works correctly in real life but gives an error message during a simulation?
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