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Sketchup plugin usage


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while exploring the folders used by PVsyst on my pc, I found a sketchup plugin that wasn't there in the previous versions and it's called PVsyst.rbz. (format used for autoinstalling plugins in sketchup)

Being that I was waiting for such a possibility for a long time I tried installing it and using it on a simple array built in sketchup.

It properly created a file that (I guess) contains the topology of the shading scene and the sensitive pv area and it is in .JSON format.

Now, my question is, how can I use this file in PVsyst?

I guessed it still is under development so I am not supposed to be able to import it in the shading scene of PVsyst.

This functionality would make my work, and I guess also the one of others, much simpler and it would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration

Best regards


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You are fully right, this file is a Sketchup plugin which will be used to generate a JSON file describing a PVsyst 3D model. Anyway as you said, it is still under development: that's why there is no way to use this file at the moment.

We are working on that and we also planned something similar for Autocad.

Stay tuned for the next releases.

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Time passes and I have no news?

Have you been able to advance in the import of the SketchUp files (or dwg) 3D

the digital model also advance and see faudrai to make PVsyst chainable to bim at ifc size ....



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