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  1. The problem is not the number of cells, it is the size of the module, it is always the same for every model and it is the one of the 72 cells ones. Sorry for not being clear the first time. P.S.: I am using version 6.51
  2. Any updates regarding the possibility of importing 3D models from sketchup? Last year I found a sketchup plugin in the PVsyst system folder and tried it with success but then I couldn't import the generated file in PVsyst and I was told you were working on that. The plugin is still there in the new versions but there is no other progess in this field. If sketchup is not going to happen, could we know what other software is more probable for such a capability? Thanks in advance for your time. Best regards.
  3. Hello, My company bought 2 licenses of PVsyst around 2 years ago of ver.5 and then we got another 2 for ver.6 after some time. This was done under the name of the department chief. Now, in a short time I will change company but I will keep my PVsyst license. The problem is it will still display the previous owner name and company name. Would it be possible to change the name of the owner and company of just one of these licenses? If you need more specific info I will send you an e-mail or a private msg but I thought this could be interesting to know for other people too. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Best regards Michele
  4. I see, Thank you very much for the clarification. I will be waiting in anticipation for this great tool. Best regards Michele
  5. Hi, while exploring the folders used by PVsyst on my pc, I found a sketchup plugin that wasn't there in the previous versions and it's called PVsyst.rbz. (format used for autoinstalling plugins in sketchup) Being that I was waiting for such a possibility for a long time I tried installing it and using it on a simple array built in sketchup. It properly created a file that (I guess) contains the topology of the shading scene and the sensitive pv area and it is in .JSON format. Now, my question is, how can I use this file in PVsyst? I guessed it still is under development so I am not supposed to be able to import it in the shading scene of PVsyst. This functionality would make my work, and I guess also the one of others, much simpler and it would be very appreciated. Thanks for your consideration Best regards Michele
  6. Hi, I also work in Japan and used Nedo db for simulations in PVsyst (I could help you with the importing procedure if you contact me). What I noticed,though, is that Nedo doesn't keep wind data and doesn't differentiate between beam and diffuse component of the irradiation. Therefore we started using Meteonorm db for our simulation also because of the ease of importing it in PVsyst. Best regards and merry holidays to everyone.
  7. Hello, Sorry to post again but I would need this functionality for a simulation requested by a customer, therefore I would like to know, at least, if it's a bug and when it will be solved, or if it's a mistake on my part how can I fix it. Thanks for your time, Michele
  8. Hello, I built this 3d shading scene: The problem is that when I move to the module layout definition, I just get one only rectangular field corresponding (as size) to one of the rectangles in the shading scene, therefore i am not able to properly define the string composition. I never had any problem with the module layout section and this could be due to a mistake of mine. I already tried: deleting the definition of the module layout and reloading it, making all the rectangles in the shading scene as new objects instead of copy-pasting a single rectangle, removing the partition in the shading scene, reloading the whole project and reloading the whole program. Nothing of this worked so I don't really know what to touch anymore. If needed I could send you the project files by e-mail. Thanks in advance for any help. Best regards, Michele
  9. Just my two cents about this: I had the same problem importing from photon database but I noticed that, if before pasting to PVsyst you paste to notepad and remove the line "picture" and then copy all and paste it to PVsyst, it works normally. I hope this helps someone, best regards to everyone on this very helpful forum.
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