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Import Load profile in pysyst

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Yes it is possible to import a load profile through the self consumption window.

For the importing of hourly or sub-hourly parameters in PVsyst, you must use the following standard format:
-Text file (CSV format with commas or semicolons).
-All lines beginning with the hash symbol '#' are assumed to be comments, and will be ignored.
-Blank lines are ignored.
-The first line that does not start with #, holds the column titles. The first two columns should be "Date", and "P Load", further columns are ignored.
-The following line contains the units of the data in the columns. The date should have no units, the units for the load can be power ([W], [kW] or [MW]) or energy ([Wh], [kWh] or [MWh]).
-Then there follow the lines with the values, one line per data entry.
-The date and time in the first column can be given either in European format (DD/MM/YY hh:mm) or in US format (MM/DD/YY hh:mm).
-The file should contain all hours of a generic year (from  01/01 at 00:00 up to 31/12 at 23:00). Only day and month will be retained, the year will be ignored.
-These dates/hours do not need to be related to the dates of your input meteo file: they are for each hour of a generic year.

Please also see our youtube tutorial of how to define a self consumption profile in a grid connected system:

Kind regards

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