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Bifacial module 3d Scene

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Usually for the all projects i make the 3d scene in Sketchup and I import it into pvsyst 3d scene. for the Mono facial module everything is fine.

But once I make for the bifacial module the PV system gives me the below error.

"Your PV system is not suited for the bifacial 2D model computation:
You should define a regular shed array in 3D scene."

although the spacing between sheds is also equal. Image is attached below




Screenshot 2024-05-26 230033.png

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Defining a bifacial system with a 3D scene comes with certain constraints, ensuring the regularity of the arrangements of tables for the bifacial 2D model computation. You can read more about the 2D model conditions in the following help page:

The threshold for regular pitch can be modified in the advanced parameters, by changing the value "Pitch RMS limit for bifacial 2D models"

Kind regards

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