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Can't install older version of PVsyst

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According to 

I should be able to install 7.4.5 while keeping 7.4.6.  However, when I try installing 7.4.5, I get this message saying that I need to uninstall 7.4.6 first:


What gives?  I need 7.4.5 to update an older project and am not too excited about repeatedly installing and uninstalling different versions.


Laura H.

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Dear Laura,

It's possible to have parallel installation of different minor versions of PVsyst (7.4, 7.5 etc...). However, it is not possible to install multiple patches of the same minor version in parallel (7.4.5 and 7.4.6 for example) as each patch of a minor version is intended to resolve an operating or calculation problem of the current minor version, it is not recommended nor permitted to keep the previous patched version. You can see in detail in this page all the all fixes and improvements made by version 7.4.6 compared to 7.4.5: https://www.pvsyst.com/release-notes/

A lot of issues have been addressed by this patch, and using version 7.4.5 will lead to inaccurate simulation results.

If you still want to use version 7.4.5 for contractual or other reasons, you unfortunately have to uninstall version 7.4.6. You can also install version 7.4.5 on another computer, but this involves transferring your license between the two machines. We remind you that the number of license transfers is limited to 4 over a 30-day period.

Kind regards

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