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IAM factor verification

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I would like to know if the solar panel are tested before being integrated into the database ?

For the same project, I created 2 variants, one with the .pan file of the JINKO JKM445-54HL4R-V included in your databased, and another one with a .pan file of the same panel but sent by JINKO. As you can see in the 2 graphs below, there is a huge difference between the 2 losses due to the IAM factor. 

I imagine that .pan files included in the database are more precise, but does it mean that we cannot trust manufacturers when they send us .pan file ?

Thank you in advance for your answer !


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Dear Loïs Masson,

Indeed the panels included in the database has gone through a certain level of control. But implemented in the software is also warning messages and information concerning in particular the IAM curve and low light efficiency. If you open a PAN file, you typically will have this kind of message encouraging you to have a look at the IAM curve.


In the Additional Data, Custimized IAM you can modify an over evaluated IAM curve by choosing the Default Fresnel. This manipulation can also be done through the detailed losses window, IAM Losses tab.

Below I attach a link to how the IAM profile is determined and what kind of data you possibly could ask the supplier to provide

Kind regards

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