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The BS7671 / 712.433.101.1

Lee Prior

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Does PVSyst use local site temperature data to warn the user that there will be a condition which exceeds the inverter maximum input voltage. Or does PVSyst just use their default single value of -10 degrees C ambient temperature and perform a simple calculation ( and not form it as part of the full simulation). Is this also the some for the temperature coefficient for the use of the solar module?

BS7671 / 712.433.101.1 “Without information of the expected minimum temperature of the site or without information about the temperature coefficient of the PV module, Uocmax shall be chosen equal to 1.2Uocstc.”

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For the dimensioning in the system window, PVsyst show graphs based on the values defined in the project settings e.g. -10°C by default for the Lower temperature for Absolute Voltage limit, not from the local site temperature data. This value is supposed to represent the lower value ever measured at the site and this value will not impact the simulation and works only as a guide for the dimensioning of the system. The simulation will be done with the temperatures from the weather file of your site. 


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