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Hybrid installation

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In the current version of PVsyst it is not possible to use bifacial panels in the off-grid system. 

To use bifacial panels, you should define a grid-connected system, define a self consumption profile and not allow injection to the grid when defining the battery storage. Energy injected from the grid to fulfill the energy need should be considered as missing energy if the system indeed is not connected to the grid. 

It is not possible to mix bifacial and monofacial arrays in the same system, though you can create multiple variants and simulate the two different systems individually.

Kind regards

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your replay 

But i readed a scientific article which it mentioned that off grid  installation contains Monfacial and bifacial array in same installation ,and the simulation Pv syst is done .

I dont understand the idea which do it .Please help me !

The link of scientific article :https://pure.hw.ac.uk/ws/portalfiles/portal/85114343/1_s2.0_S1755008423000066_main.pdf

My best regards

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