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Using the multi-MPPT feature causes increased Inverter Loss over nominal inv. power

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Good afternoon

I am using PVsyst version 7.4.5 right now. Recently, I was working on a project capacity of  2008.55 kWp. It consisted of an East-West orientated PV system. I used the multi-MPPT feature to distribute the different sizes of strings. Having done the simulation, there was very high value of Inverter Loss over nominal inv. power (more than 2%). On the other hand, when I did not use the multi-MPPT feature and distributed the different sizes of strings within whole inverters, there was a very low value of inverter loss over nominal inv. power (-0.09%).

Is there any bug in the software when it comes to using the multi-MPPT feature for the East-West PV System? 

Thank you

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To our knowledge there is no bug in the multi-MPPT features. Large Inverter Losses over nominal inv. power could appears in the case if for instance the number of strings are not a multiple of the number of MPPT inputs or if the power sharing is not activated (with a green "active" light). Please read more about the multiple MPPT and power sharing in the following help pages:


If you still have difficulties, please send your project as zip file to support@pvsyst.com and we can have a closer look at it.

Kind regards

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