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Hello Mr.Mermoud,

Nedo it's a public db ( http://app7.infoc.nedo.go.jp ) and it provides the same datas of MeteoNorm.

I did a comparison and if I didn't do some mistake it's vey similar to MeteoNorm datas (% difference: GHI meteonrm -1% respect GHI nedo datas).

If you want to do a deepened comparison it is better to ask an help to a Japanese Pv Syst user because i'mstuding now how to import Nedo db (japanese language is a "little" bit complicated for me and my colleagues.



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I also work in Japan and used Nedo db for simulations in PVsyst (I could help you with the importing procedure if you contact me).

What I noticed,though, is that Nedo doesn't keep wind data and doesn't differentiate between beam and diffuse component of the irradiation.

Therefore we started using Meteonorm db for our simulation also because of the ease of importing it in PVsyst.

Best regards and merry holidays to everyone.

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The NEDO web site referenced above is fully in Japanese language.

As we don't have Japanese people here at PVsyst, you can understand that we cannot propose anything for importing these data.

Are these data in Hourly or in Monthly values ?

If they are in hourly values, please us send a sample file, and we will see what we can eventually do with it.

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Hi André,

I'm Sadono from Japan. normally i work with PVsyst using Meteonorm db.

However, many Japanese are not familiar with Meteonorm, and prefer METPV-11 from NEDO.

So, when i tried to using METPV-11 in PVsyst I found this topics, and try to ask again.

the METPV-11 (or NEDO db) are in hourly values.

I send you the sample file of METPV-11 db.

I think now NEDO db already keep wind data and differentiate between beam and diffuse component of the irradiation.

Best regards,

Adiyudha Sadono


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Sorry for the late answer and thank you for the extra information. Recently I have noticed that there is some (partial) information in english as well.
However most of the documentation remains in Japanese. We have a better understanding of Japanese within the PVsyst team now, but still not to a fully technical level.

There have also been a few questions from users on how to import NEDO data to PVsyst.

For METPV, currently this is not easy because PVsyst cannot read hourly data arranged as lines corresponding to one day (with 24 hours on 24 columns). We haven't developed a code to convert it yet, but don't exclude doing this in the future. @Sadono the data you shared is quite useful in this regard.

@michelessw We would be quite interested if you are okay explaining your procedure, and I believe it would help several users.

For MONSOLA, the important lines are the monthly horizontal global irradiance (line 平均値), horizontal diffuse irradiance (line 散乱⽇射量 please correct me if wrong), and ambient temperature (line 平均気温). They should be available in the data, and can be used to define a site.

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