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Mountains and Near Shading loss


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Hi Everyone,

I have a PV Project located in a valley (in the green circle), in between a few mountains and my questions are :

 - How do I make sure/know that the losses due to the mountains are accounted for? Is it already accounted for when I import my Meteo Data ?
 - Do I have to do like in the image I uploaded? meaning, If I know my PV project is located near tall mountains, should I always import the topography or am I penalizing further my results?

If anyone could help me or knows where I can find these answers, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks again 



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Far shadings from mountains can be accounted for in the Horizon window. This tool is aimed to treat shadings of objects sufficiently far, as we can consider they act on the PV field in a global way: at a given instant, the sun is or is not visible on the field.  

The following two help pages further describe the Horizon profile and how to import the horizon from the web, based on the the systems exact location


I hope this answers your questions,

Kind regards 

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Thank you very much for the response.

I was able to import the Horizon profile using the help pages provided and see the impact on my PV project.

Best Regards


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