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Peak Shaving

Stephen M

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Hello, I am planning to conduct a peak shaving in my house's load profile using "peak shaving" feature in PVSyst. My concern is what data do I need? I am guessing my house's load demand every 15 minutes. However, where can I upload/input my house's load profile in the program? Thank you.

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Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your question.

The peak shaving strategy cannot be combined with the self-consumption strategy, this might be something we will develop in the future but it is not yet on the road map. 

For the peak shaving strategy you will define a grid limitation and energy that would be curtailed because of the limitation can instead be stored in a battery pack and injected at a different time.

In the self consumption strategy you will define your load profile and simulate how much of the production you can self-consume. With a battery storage solution you can increase the self-consumption by storing the energy produced during the day to fulfill the energy need at night, thus the energy from the battery storage will not be injected to the grid but is aimed at fulfilling the users need. With the self consumption strategy you can however still impose a grid limitation through the energy management tab.

In the following link you find a playlist with our youtube tutorials of how to define a self consumption profile and how to use the different storage strategies


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