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Generic Values (MV transformer/ Transformer from Data sheet)

Rajesh saha

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PV Syst calculate MV Transformer size based on the Inverter Capacity @ 25Deg C in "Generic Values" section.

If this above understanding is correct then, if I use "Transformer From Data Sheet" option, then the Capacity of the Transformer shall be at what Temperature

Because, at 25 Deg C if a transformer has 12.5MVA & at 50 Deg C same transformer act as 10MVA & based on the Temperature All the losses varies.

In my case ambient is 50 Deg C and Transformer is 10MVA at 50 Deg & same transformer is 12.5MVA at 25 deg.

So, Please guide does PV Syst consider the ambient temperature effect in case of transformer and how should I consider to get proper result?

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Dear Rajesh saha,

Your understanding is correct! At the moment the temperature and the losses due to high temperatures are not being considered at the transformer level, these are parameters we might include in future versions. So if your transformer will operate at 50°C, you should use the values for these conditions.

Kind regards

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