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Battery charge has negative value


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I was simulating an on-grid PV plant with battery. After looking at the hourly data, I've got some Energy Battery Charge with negative value. I've got little confused about this value mean, because there's also Energy Battery Discharge value in the hourly dataset.


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Thank you for your project.  This is indeed a bug.

This arises with very little powers, i.e. when the charging power is below the DC converter efficiency threshold.

The simulation does not correctly take the efficiency limit into account (the efficiency becomes negative).

NB: this is particularly apparent in your system, where you have defined a DC converter of 500 MW (!). The threshold for the efficiency profile is 1%, i.e. 5 MW.

In your system, the maximum power necessary for charging the battery is 150 MW.


I have corrected this for the next version 7.4.6.

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