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Does Global Tilted Plane ( GlobInc) results be affected because of multiple orientation of solar panels?


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Hi, may i ask if having different orientation of solar panels affect the result of GlobInc.

I have run 3 capacity, 80kWp, 100kWp and 200kWp grid tied system. 80kWp and 100kWp solar panels orientation is both facing the same direction (1 orientation) and so happen to have the same result of GLOBINC, while the 200kWp system has two orientations of panels and the result of GLOBINC is different from the two other systems.GLOBINC became lower for the 200kWp.

I hope you can explain to me why this happens and I can easily understand.

Thank you.

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Dear Madela,

The Global incident in collector plane (GlobInc) measures the solar radiation received on a surface that is inclined or tilted in [kWh/m2] (compared to the Global horizontal irradiation (GlobHor) that measures the total solar radiation received on a horizontal surface, such as the ground). The GlobInc is the result of the transposition from the GlobHor from the meteo data. 

Thus changing the tilt or the azimuth will change the GlobInc, but it will not be affected by the size of your system given that the value is normalized (given in energy per unit area)

In the Orientation window, you can see a quick optimization of which plane tilt and azimuth that results in the highest Global on collector plane at your site. 

Kind regards

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