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Michalis Angeli

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Hello, I want to define self consumption adding a csv file for load profile (hourly consumption). The templates are only per 15 minutes.

I would like to ask if there is a template for load CSV file, with range 1 hour and not 15 minutes.

Or if there is an empty template to full it, by me.

Thank you.

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Dear Michalis Angeli,

You can change the template or create a new file with hourly timesteps as long as the csv file follows the required format. The date should be in the first column and the time format must contain the day the month, the year as well as hours and minutes. The load should be in the second column with the unit of the load specified in in the second row of the second column

Kind regards

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Hello, I did that you had said to me and I managed to import my csv file.

Therefore, I face a problem right now.

I have a consumption profile with annual consumption 65.2 kWh/yr.

We can't materialize a bigger pv system from 40 kW. So we are going to build a pv system 38.8 kW, with a yearly production approx 51.3 Mwh/yr

This project is such different because of two parameters, that I will explain below:

1. The production from pv system can't cover the whole consumption.
2. There is a limit in gird that forbids to consumer to inject the excess power to grid, when the consumption is lower than production.

Therefore, I had calculated the yearly excess energy. This energy is the different between the energy that consumpted directly the time produced.

So, I will need a storage system 20kWh.

When I define this data in pvsyst i face some problems.


I attach some pictures to be more clerarly the error.


I would like to learn the limits in Battery input charge and Inverter battery to user's consumption.

Thank you!


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The yearly production from your system is much larger than the consumption. If you do not allow injection to the grid there will be a lot of losses even with battery storage.

In your calculation you say you need a storage system of 20kWh but in your picture you have defined a storage of almost 20000 kWh. With such a large storage and low charging and discharging power PVsyst gives you this error message.

You can also see in the system information for instance that you have defined your system so that discharging under maximum load will take 20359.5 hours.

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