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Albedo settings not showing in report


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I've adjusted the albedo setting to .1, but the report continues to display fluctuating monthly albedo values. It seems I might be missing something. Shouldn't the .1 setting reflect in these values? If that's the case, what steps can I take to ensure this representation?

Appreciate your assistance,





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Dear Vera,

The albedo you have defined in "Project settings" correspond to the general albedo of your location, impacting your modules yield.

However, for bifacial modules, there is also the albedo just under the modules and this value is used only for the back face yield calculation. Values for this albedo are defined in "System>Bifacial system" definition dialog.

In the report, both albedo values are available:

Global albedo of the project is available in "Project summary" section, "Monthly albedo values" table

Albedo under the modules used for bifacial production calculation is available in "General parameters" section, "Monthly ground albedo values" table.



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