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Different limit profile angles used in the calculation (one form bifacial system and one from the 3D construction in near shadings)


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I defined a bifacial system (2D-model unlimited sheds) and a 3D construction in the near shading. The shed to shed slope in the 3D construction is >0° and hence the limit profile angle different as in the bifacial system with a slope of 0°. For the shading losses the slope of the 3D construction is used in the calculations. But for the bifacial gain it, seems a slope of 0° ist used.

How to solve this problem?

And: in the result report the limit profile angle of the bifacial system definietion in used and not the one from the 3D construction. How to solve this bug?

Thank you very much!



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There is nothing to do at the moment. Unfortunately, PVsyst cannot add a slope to the bifacial backside irradiance calculation.
However, in the simulation, the front side irradiance is computed accurately with the 3D scene data, this doesn't change. Only the backside irradiance evaluation will suffer from not being a correct representation of the 3D scene.

We will need to improve the model to correctly cover these situations, but it will take some time.

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