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I got about the same results of Energy Yield per annum using mono-facial and bifacial panels (Same solar module size, same location and both fixed).

I was expecting Energy yield for bifacial panels to be at least 15% more than for monofacial.

What could I have done wrong?

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Dear Dotun Tokun,

This can be due to a variety of reasons, and it is difficult to give a precise answer without more detailed information about your system. As a first approach, make sure that you indeed have activated the use of the bifacial model for the simulation (by clicking on “Bifacial system” button in the selection of PV module section in your system. The led should be activated if all parameters are well defined). See following link to the PVsyst help describing the bifacial system procedure:


Also verify that your input parameters are accurate, including the solar module characteristics, that the albedo values are realistic and that the spacing between the panels are sufficient for sun to reach the ground between the panels which is essential for bifacial panels to harness reflected light effectively.


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