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Batch simulation Engergy output overprediction


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When running batch simulations on PVsyst, The batch simulation results have a slight overprediction typically 1-20 MWh than the main simulation as per the PVsyst report. All the input parameters are the same for both cases, no parameters are changed but the results are different. This happens regardless of the version of PVsyst I use. What is the cause of this problem/bug and is there a way to fix it?

Thank you in advance for any response

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In this case, we expect that batch simulation and regular simulation agree.
There are however a few reasons for which batch simulation and regular simulation may disagree:

  • The unavailability losses may be randomized again by the batch mode ? Do you have unavailability losses included in your variants ?
  • Aging mismatch losses may be randomized again if they were not “saved as template”. Please check your aging losses.

If neither of these are active, please send us an example project and batch parameter file.

By the way, you mention 1-20MWh but what is the relative error ? Anything below 0.1% might also be due to rounding errors.

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