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Inverter with 2 mppt inputs

Michalis Angeli

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Hi, I would like to ask how can I define my system and use only the one Mppt Inputs from one inverter which has 2;;
More specific, i use the SUN2000-5ktl-L1 and i want according my project to use only the one mppt input.
Take into acccoun the fact, that the roof has two orientations. But i can't use mulitple mppt inputs because the total installation power is 4 kw that means I use only 9 pv panels. I can't to split them in two strings because the inverter will not has the requires voltage input to start up. So i want to construct only one stirng with all panels.

How can I define it ?

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Dear Michalis,

I am not completely sure what it is that you want to do. Though, by creating two subarrays, one for each orientation, you can use the inverter you mention, by putting one string with for instance 4 panels in one sub-array/orientation and 5 panels in the second array/orientation, a total of 9 panels with a total Nominal PV Power of ~4kWp, using one MPPT for each string and activate the Power sharing. See example below. With an inverter of 5kW and an installation of 4kW, the inverter will be slightly oversized.



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