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Horizon -TMY file upload to PVsyst


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i have TMY file on excel and i tried to covert it to CSV file and both files attached in the below link.


when i came to upload the CSV file to the PVsyst, i received the below message :




Could you please clarify the right method to convert the attached TMY file to CSV format to not face such error?


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Horizon files need two columns, azimuth and height in degrees. Horizon data is not usually from a TMY weather file. For horizon data you can use PVGIS from within PVsyst. The PVsyst format there is for when you have Horizon data from another source. 

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Dear Mohamed,

You can find a template for the PVsyst format for the Horizon file in the folder “templates” in your workspace. The format Horizon file should contain one line per defined point. Each point defined as an Azimuth and a Height value, expressed in degrees. You would either have to completely restructure your TMY hourly data, going from -180 to 180 degrees with corresponding height values, or import the horizon from web sources.

If you wish to use the meteorological data from your site, you can do so by importing your file as a Custom file. You do this by opening Databases, Custom file, choose your Source file and go through the necessary step to do the conversion to import your site. Once saved in your workspace you can use this your created site in your projects.


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