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Sub Hourly Clipping Losses


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Is Pvsyst working on any features to estimate subhourly clipping? I've read a previous research paper Pvsyst published on a method to estimate using sub hourly data sets. Is this method something you are working on incorporating into the software and do you have a general timeframe of when it would be available?

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Hello, I'd like to see VDE Americas' & Tim Townsend's Triple-C model incorporated into PVsyst. Upwards of 20% of the USA solar PV market is financed using CCC as the solution for accurate modeling of subhourly clipping. It's simple and straightforward to implement in PVsyst with several key advantages over the method PVsyst published at WCPEC-8 in Sept. 2022. Here's a recent, related LinkedIn post, and a new white paper is available upon request and will soon be posted (likely also on LinkedIn) after which I'll follow up and post it on this thread:


The v1 model was initially published at PVPMC 2022:


The model's now at a stable v5 with many more, high quality, ground-measured 1-min. datasets added to the mix.

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P.S. I forgot to include the title of the poster (PVPMC link above) which I'm adding now partly for my own future copy/paste benefit:

The Triple-C Method for Correctly Simulating PV Clipping Loss by Townsend & Sauer et al.

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