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energy loss diagram trouble still pending since 7.3.1 !!!


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Some time and a few reviews ago i wrote about a bug in the energy loss diagram. Where the "detailed results" preview does not match the report (see: Energy loss diagram, bifacial (detailed results) (Ver 7.3.1)). I believe there is some problem with updating the values in the variant lists during multiple-year aging simulations. If i close the project and re-open it, the values are ok. But i cannot see much sense in closing the project and reopening it after every configurative or calculation step i do just to get a more reliable data display. This has costed me hours already for i was looking for causes of variant loss differences where in fact the displayed data was faulty. I was hoping the April update had solved theses issues because i do beliefe it is a problem in value list updating / saving before reading values for presentation. As a user, while doing these works, i want to concentrate on the project and work quality, not on understanding possible bugs and documenting them again and again for them not to be worked-on by a programmer...

§@∆º∑ƒ∂√ª#!  ???
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Hi, I am sorry you are having such a bad experience. We will of course look into it.
Regarding the quoted post, we had been waiting for a project that shows this error. You now mention the error is related to using the aging tool. Can you confirm that we are talking about the same error described here, with the updated info that you are using the aging tool ?


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After trying with the aging I was able to reproduce the error, although not in an extreme fashion as what happens in your project. Nonetheless, I will be able to post a detailed ticket to tackle the issue.

EDIT: the error also appears in standard simulations in some cases.

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