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New tool Shading scene (ground objects)

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Hi there,

It seems that the latest PVSyst version has a new option when importing files from PVCase (ground objects). 

What is the aim of this new option? I have run the simulation with the boxes marked and unmarked and I get completely different results but in both cases it looks like PVSyst is considering the trees (When unmarked, trees are in black and when marked they are in green in the 3D screen) Also it takes much longer to run the simulation when it is unmarked.



I want to take into account the shading producing by the trees and I want to get the most accurate results. Should I click tree crown and tree trunk or leave it unclicked?


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Dear Barbadori,

Ground objects are objects representing the topography of your location, meaning the terrain on which you will put your panels and other shading objects. Trees are not ground objects and should not be selected in this section. 

Moreover, in order to speed up shadings calculations, it’s very important to simplify your 3D scene by removing unnecessary and complex objects. For example, do not include in your 3D scene a tree which will not shade any panel or a complex building with useless details such as windows, doors etc... Simplifying and removing useless trees should improve your simulation performance.




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