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module layout setting for multiple orientation solar pv system


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Hi All,

My 3D model created by using sketchup, and imported to Pvsyst using 3ds file.

My system has 3 orientations, and I am able to simulate the shadow loss using linear shading calculation.

But when I tried to run a more accurate shadow loss analysis using the "module layout".

I have the following problem, when I click "set all module" nothing happened. thus I am not able to configure the next step.

Can anyone enlighten me what I did wrong in this setting?

thanks in advance...




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18 hours ago, Michele Oliosi said:

HI ! The tables seem too small for the module size. If you see the text in bordeaux red, you can see that the tables are 2.26 m by 1.13 m while modules are 2.278 m by 1.134.

thanks for pointing out. just noticed that the pv panels i selected is CSI-545W which has different size compared to the pv panel i used in pvsyst...

Now it works.. thanks

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