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view factor for rear side


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Hello pvsyst community ! 

Can you please explain this said by pvsyst help in bifacial systems procedure  

how view factor depends on geometry of module choosen ( unlimited sheds or unlimited trackers) I don't understood the inicator said 

please any help will be appreciated


Reemission form factor represents the fraction of the irradiance from ground reaching the back side of your system. This is calculated as an integral for each point on the ground, and you have here the result of the average from the model. This only depends on the geometry. For tracking systems, it depends on the tracker's position. This is an indicator calculated from the model what is means


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The view factor is calculated with the following idea: given a point on the ground, what is the part of the top hemisphere that corresponds to the back side of the modules. Indeed some of the light reemitted  reflected by the ground will go towards the sky, other towards the structure, maybe some shading objects etc. With the view factor we are interested what is the proportion of reemitted light that actually goes to the back of the modules and not to some other direction.

Now, imagine that the size of the tables with modules varies. Depending on the size and spacing of the tables, for a given point of reemission on the ground, the fraction of light rays that reaches the back of the modules will vary. In short, the point on the ground may "see" more or less of the back of the modules.

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Just a detail, but light in solar wavelengths is not reemitted by the ground.  At the ground temperature, emission will only be in IR wavelengths.  The light hitting the ground and going to the rear side of the module is scattered/reflected from the ground without absorption.

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