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Is it possible to put a specific String on a specific MPPT-Input?


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I hope someone can help me with this issue:

I have a multi MPPT inverter with 12 MPPT, each tracker has two inputs.

How can I assign certain strings (same shading situation) to a tracker? 

I know that I can assign modules to strings in the module layout, but how can I assign these strings to an input of the inverter?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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In the system window, if you activate the "multi-MPPT" mode, you will be choosing a number of MPPT inputs for a given sub-array.
In PVsyst, it is common practice to group MPPT inputs (or inverters when disabling "multi-MPPT") that share the same properties into a sub-array.

You can create a sub-array with one or several MPPTs that will receive strings with the same shading situation, for example to prevent mismatch. If you do so, when you are using the module layout, you should be able to assign the corresponding modules to that specific sub-array.

In the system window, do not forget to implement the "power sharing" between sub-arrays that belong to the same inverter configurations.

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