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Change in far shading losses going to version 7.3


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We have compared the results of several simulations using 7.2.21 and 7.3.1/7.3.2.  In all cases, the far shading loss is lower in the 7.3 versions, in one case by 30% (i.e., 1.23% goes to 0.94%).  There can also be much smaller increases in the near shading loss.  Is this an intentional change, and if so, what is the reasoning?


Laura Hinkelman

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The horizon model has been improved in 7.3.3 and it should also cover the bug we mentioned.

The results may still differ a little from 7.2.21 but this is due to the improvement:
we now consider more correctly, within each hour, the fraction of the sun trajectory that is behind the horizon. Please let us know if you experience anything strange agin.

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