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Import PVcase Tracker Layout with Gaps

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I am currently trying to import a PVcase tracker layout with each tracker consisting of 3-strings and multiple gaps (central motor gap and 2 smaller gaps). Is there anyway to import this directly into PVsyst or add the gaps manually once in PVsyst? I can see the option of "central gap" within PVsyst however it is greyed out and won't let me edit.


The other issues this is causing is that the tracker consists of 81 panels (3 x 27) however PVsyst recognises it as a tracker with 84 panels and no gaps.



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Indeed, you cannot establish a gap between each string length in a PVsyst 3D table or tracker.  Only a homogeneous gap between each module, and an extra gap for the torque tube / longitudinal central spacing (central gap) if needed.

I would suggest splitting the tracker into three trackers, already in the PVcase design. Is that an option for you ?

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