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Different inverter loss duo to nominal power for same array configuration

Tharcisio Souza

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I've ran two simulations, both of them are a 3MW (12 x 250kW inverters) and 4,066MWp array, two different sites. 

The first simulation, let's call it Plant 1, I got the value of -4,06% Inverter loss due to nominal inverter power. The second plant, Plant 2, with the same inverter and array configuration, I got the value of only -1,82% loss.

                                                                                 Plant 1                                                                                                                                                             Plant 2



When I spotted this difference I figured it could be due to the respective plant sites, which are distinct. So I inverted the sites in both simulations, but it didn't make much of a difference: It's noticeable that the inverter temperature loss changes properly, but the inverter loss duo to nominal inv. power is about the same.

                                                                    Plant 1 - Inverted site                                                                                                                           Plant 2 - Inverted site



I can't figure out what exactly is causing this Inv. loss duo to nom. inv. power, but it's certainly about each simulation's parameter.

Can somebody help me with this issue? What parameter could be causing this significant difference?

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13 hours ago, dtarin said:

Same OND files? Is one using MPPT share and the other not? Post screenshots from System menu showing the arrays for each. 

Plant 1 Array


Plant 2 Array



It's the same array configuration, with the same inverters. 

I remember using Plant 1 as the basis of Plant 2 by saving as another project. Then I just modified the plant site and 3D scene since the rest would be the same.



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Hi Tharcisio

your first site has ~3.6% higher irradiation and soiling losses are different too. 
Also, Ajay's comment is valid. In the system all losses are balanced so that reducing on loss may cause another bottleneck to gain relevance and inclrease losses at another point.

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