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Economic Evaluation: Adding Special Tariff


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Good day,

I would like to expand on this topic (https://forum.pvsyst.com/topic/2715-economic-evaluation-tariffs/) from May 2022.

See, I have been using the Sunny Design Web Tool for comparison purposes for a bit of time (https://sunnydesignweb.com/sdweb).

I really like how we can edit the Tariff section there and, because I think PVsyst is lacking in that area, there is definitely inspiration to be taken there.

See example below, for a Self-Consumption project. On the first screenshot, we can see there's already quite a few options and parameters that can be entered for both the purchased electricity from grid (purchasing tariff) and the sold electricity (feed-in tariff). But then, what really shines is the next part (2nd screenshot), where we can add "Special tariff" with different values depending on the season/months, on the day of the week, and on the time of the day.




Adding two Special Tariffs:

  • one that applies only from 1st Jan to 31st March, only on weekdays, and from 6am to 2pm.
  • one that applies only in July, at any time of the day, but only on weekends



I find this Special Tariff interface quite simple but very powerful.

Hoping this would give some inspiration to improve the Economic Evaluation part of PVsyst with more options for the Tariffs.



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Dear Julien,

We thank you very much for your advices and for providing us this example.

We have already made an important refactoring of the economic evaluation tool for an upcoming version.  Feed-in and consumption tariffs will be clearly separated in two disctinct tabs, with their own and specifics parameters (currently, defined peak/off-peak time ranges apply for both tariffs).

Moreover, accounting depreciation will be configurable specifically for each asset and not globally. And finally, IRR (Internal Rate of Return) value has been added to the list of financial results.

The example you provided is very interesting in term of interface and usability. Currently in PVsyst, you can define fully customized prices for all the hours of the year by importing a CSV file, even it is less straightforward and ergonomic. 

We have taken note of all these elements and will continue to improve our economic evaluation tool.


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