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Good morning,

I acknowledge all the current options in PVsyst to set up a Tariff in the Economic Evaluation: fixed (there's even an option of an annual tariff variation), variable (hourly and seasonal), and I even played with the Tariff from CSV file (basically giving it an yearly tariff profile, hour by hour), seen screenshot below.

However, in all these cases, we assume that the Tariff sticks to only one of these plans. However, we make most of our projects (here in Australia) on a different basis. We would have a combination of fixed tariff and variable tariff.

We usually have one main (or several) base PPAs where we sell a defined qty at a fixed price to one or more client(s). The production target for the PPAs are made easily atteignable on purpose. And whatever the surplus of production is sold on the market, at the market price.

So we could imagine, as PVsyst Tariffs option, a combined pricing strategy, where we would have a fixed tariff (similar to already existing options) up to the point where the yearly production target at this tariff is met, and then whatever the excess of production would be given a different tariff (like an estimated average market price for the year -> fixed, or a tariff profile -> variable).

I do not believe that we are the only ones having this kind of tariff strategy. This could be beneficial to a lot of people.

I am not an expert though and perhaps what I just explained can already be done? Please let me know.



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Hi Julmou,

Thank you for this detailed explanation of you pricing strategy. Unfortunately, the production-dependent pricing is not implemented in PVsyst. only time-dependent pricing is available. We have taken note of your request and will study it with interest in order to include it in a future version.

Kind regards

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