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Panch Karasani

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In the Near Shading Tab, when computing the shading factor table i notice that when going from higher Pitch E-W to a lower one induces some shading at low heighta even with backtracking enabled. But then i go back into the construction perspective again and i close it out without changing any of the fields and recomputed the shading factor table, the shading in the low heights is not there anymore. 

Is this a glitch on PVsyst? If it is, It would be greatly appreciated if this can be taken, as i would have to run shading factor table twice every time i run simulation going from higher pitch to a lower pitch. 

Than k you, 


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On 9/9/2022 at 2:30 AM, Michele Oliosi said:

Dear @Panch Karasani

Did you try this with the latest version 7.2.18 ? I believe this bug has been corrected (it is a bug indeed), but if there are still some cases that are uncovered we will fix them asap.

Thanks in advance

Hello Michele Oliosi,

That great to hear, thank you. I have not tired the latest version yet, hopefully that resolves the issues. 


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