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I've a question about the PV Syst report. It's a simulation based on selfconsumption. 

The report shows:


Produced Energy 552,0 MWh / year
Used Energy 63.1 MWh / year

What is the meaning of the Used Energy 63.1 MWh / year ?     How is it calculated.  

Actually the system is quite small, only 350 kWp and the consumption / load of the factory is huge.  The load is average 6750 W per hour

Also Solar Fraction SF is mentioned to be 46.47 %     How is this calculated. I expected this to be much much smaller because of the huge load 

and only a small pv system?

So I expect the total produced amount to be used?

Many thx for an explanation

Kind regards




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Please double check your PV system, I would be surprised that you have only 350 kWp. You can send us the full report at support@pvsyst.com there may have been a bug as well.

The produced energy for a self-consumption system corresponds to the energy solar -> grid + energy solar -> user. The variable is E_Avail.

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Edit: In my previous reply, I mention 350 kWp is surprising. Looking at the results, it is in fact more likely that the user needs is not well defined. As mentioned, please double check your system and user needs definitions, and we'll be happy to look at the details if you send us more info by email.

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