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  1. Hi, I do get the following error message but I don't understand what it means and how can I make a correction so the error will not appear? ( Array Oper V X X G T Battery Charge V Y Y, This will result in not optimal use of the PV modules (MPP loss). Many thx Kind regards
  2. What would be an acceptable Performence Ratio for a stand alone Off Grid PV System? Many thanks Kind regards Ben
  3. Hello all, I have a question about the simulation results of two simulations. Simulation 01 Stand alone 4,400 Wp 8 x 550 watt panels 3 x 48Volt 100Ah Daily Consumption 10,5 kWh Location Nabire Indonesia Simulation 02 Grid Tied 4,400 Wp 8 x 550 watt panels Location Nabire Indonesia The capacity of the PV Modules is exactly the same. Same panels are being used and also the location is the same. Tilt and orientation is also the same. Let's have a look at the results Simulation 01 Simulation 02 When we look at the specific production we see 1668 kWh / kWp / Year vs 1463 kWh / kWp / Year. How is that posible? The energy generator is exactly the same. According to me this is impossible? Because of the difference as discribed above also other numbers are difficult to understand for me. Produced Energy vs Available Energy = 6440 kWh vs 7338 kWh How is that possible? How can you produce more energy with 4400 Wp if the system is standalone compared with a Grid Tied System? I hope someone can explain to me. Many thx Kind regards Ben
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Actually there is no other errormessage. Here's the screen. Perhaps that gives you context
  5. Hello, many thanks for your reply. Yes I have noticed that the missing energy can be seen in the diagram per month. I'm playing a bit with the simulation of PVSyst with different Off Grid Designs. I must say that I don't understand the behavior of the simulation completely. But probably that's because of my lack of knowledge (-: I also don't understand all terms mentioned in the simulation report. I hope you can help me out. I already want to thank you for that. First the load profile for the stand alone system: The first system I designed has the following components: 3,300 Wp PV Modules Longi 6 x 550 Watt Mono Lithium batteries 3 x 48volt 100Ah Outback Flex Max 60 The main results for this system are: Actually there is a lot of excess (unused) energy. The performance ratio is bad 55% Missing energy is only 1.6% of the time, that’s good How can we make this system better? By better I mean: Better Performance Ratio Less unused energy. Since there is a lot of unused energy I would expect that we can make the system smaller: The second system I designed has the following components: 2,200 Wp PV Modules Longi 4 x 550 Watt Mono Lithium batteries 3 x 48volt 100Ah Morningstar Tristar 45 36 / 48 The main results for this system are: I have the following questions about these main result: How can the specific production be 720 kWh/kWp/year compared with 1661 kWh/kWp/year of the first design. I would expect it to be close to each other. The available energy is absolutely not enough to support the daily consumption of the household. 10.5 kWh. 365 x 10,5 kWh = 3833 kWh Available energy = 1583 kWh How can the simulation mention unused energy 1346 kWh, that is not possible in my view. There is a lack of energy of 3833 - 1583 How can the simulation mentioned missing energy 0 kWh / year How is this possible? Actually this looks like the most optimal system. Performance ratio is good, no missing energy. So this looks like the best solution. But I really have my doubts about it. But I hope you can explain it to me. Can you give some explanation about the terms SOW ? And why does the simulation of design 2 gives a battery life of 5 years while design 1 doesn’t? Many many thanks Kind regards Ben
  6. Hello, During the design of a stand alone system I get the orange warning "Array Oper V X X G T Battery Charge V Y Y, This will result in not optimal use of the PV modules (MPP loss)" It's not clear what this means? What do I need to do to solve this? Many thanks Kind regards Ben
  7. Ok, Thank for your reply. I think that choosing an other profile is the solution right? I did go for daily load
  8. I'm working on a stand alone system and have a question about the simulation result. Actually the system is producing way to much energy compared to the consumption. Excess Unused Energy is 1437 kWh per year But still there is a Missing Energy Quantity of 97kWh per year. I don't understand that to be honest? Hope someone can help me out Many thx Ben
  9. Hello all, For a stand alone PV System I would like to define the user needs. Unfortunately I can only define 7 electrical appliances. How can I add extra lines to this user needs? That would be very helpfull Thanks
  10. Hi all, I have a question about the differences in simulation results between Helioscope and PVSyst. The simulation results of PVSyst are quite different. I even have clients who no longer want me to use PVSyst, but who force me to work with Helioscoop. I don't really want that at all. I find PVSyst much more pleasant to work with. Are there others who have experience with this? For example, for a project the following differences. Helioscope 1,190 kWh / kWp / Year PVSyst 1,412 kWh / kWp / Year. Of course, the PVSystems are the same and yet these differences?
  11. I've a question about the PV Syst report. It's a simulation based on selfconsumption. The report shows: Produced Energy 552,0 MWh / year Used Energy 63.1 MWh / year What is the meaning of the Used Energy 63.1 MWh / year ? How is it calculated. Actually the system is quite small, only 350 kWp and the consumption / load of the factory is huge. The load is average 6750 W per hour Also Solar Fraction SF is mentioned to be 46.47 % How is this calculated. I expected this to be much much smaller because of the huge load and only a small pv system? So I expect the total produced amount to be used? Many thx for an explanation Kind regards Ben
  12. Hi all, I have a questions about the detailed losses that can be defined in PVSyst. And than special the Ohmic Losses tab. I have studied the available PV Tutorials and read several articles about it. I can't find a in detail explained version in PVSyst manual. I would like to explain my question by a real live case. See the SLD below Capacity 940,680 Watt 13 x Huawei SUN2000 KTL 60 KW 2808 x Seraphim 335 Wp Poly 156 Strings AC Side All Inverters are connected with an ACDP by NYY Cable 4C x 35mm2 N L1 L2 L3 All inverters are grounded by NYA Cable 1C x 16mm2 from inverter to grounding bus bar in the ACDP Average distance from Inverter to ACDP 15 Meter The ACDP is connected with a MDP Distance from ACDP to MDP 60 Meters NYY Cable 4 x (3 x 1 C x 300mm2) N L1 L2 L3 NYA Cable 2 x (1C x 240mm2) Grounding between ACDP and Grounding Bus Bar of the MDP DC Side 156 Strings Average string length between string and inverter 150 meter H1Z2Z2-K Solar cable 2 x (1C x 4mm2) I think that's all information we need. The question is how to adapt this info to the Ohmic Losses Tab in PV Syst First DC Side First we must make the choice between a general number for losses or a calculated number for losses. I want to define calculated number for losses. Global Wiring resistance. The number of 18.49 shows up automatically. Where does it come from? How is it calculated? After clicking Detailed Computation the following screen pops up What is meant here by String module connections / Average Length m / circuit? Is this the average String length 150 meter? Or? That is just not clear to me. What is meant here by Main box to inverter / Average Length m / circuit? Is this the length in case we use a combiner box for strings and then here define the lengths between the combiner box and the inverter? That is just not clear to me. Second AC Side If I don't activate "Uses AC circuit ohmic loss" I guess there will be no AC losses included in the simulation results, is that correct? So I activate "Uses AC circuit ohmic loss" I can make a choice per inverter or whole system. I guess for a bigger system with more than one inverter we must activate Whole system. Is that correct? If I activate "Whole system" what will be the " Length inverter to injection" In my example I guess the distance between the ACDP and the MDP ? Is that correct? If I choose for wire section 400mm2 PVSyst gives an error message "This wire section is undersized for this current, with respect to IEC standards) I do understand that that number of square mm2 is to small. But when I choose 500mm2 in the wire section PVSyst says that is ok? I don't understand that. 500 mm2 in total is not enough to connect the ACDP with the MDP What exactly is meant by wire section? Is that meant per Phase and neutral? So 500mm2 for L1 500mm2 for L2 500 mm2 for L3 and 500 mm2 for Neutral? Than the official design that I posted is heavenly oversized with 3 x 1c x 300mm2 That's 900mm2 per Phase and Neutral? In my example I guess here stops defining the detailed losses for Ohmic losses because no I do realize that I ask a lot of questions, just want to make sure I understand PVSyst. It's a great programm Many thx in advance Kind regards Ben
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