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Batch mode not working on 7.2.16


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It seems like the Batch mode does not work correctly since the latest PVsyst update (7.2.16). After filling the parameter file with all the data needed and starting the simulation (first picture), PVSyst won't calculate every simulation as it did until then but will stay on an "initialization" state (as displayed on the window) a couple of minutes and end the calculation just after (second picture). When you open the results file, almost every simulation has an error message refering to an oversized inverter (third picture). These errors don't make sense as running a classic simulation with the exact same parameters (including in the settings of the batch mode in PVshows no problem of any kind (fourth picture). Also, even with an obviously smal number of MPPTs for a simulation, the batch mode stil considers it as oversized (it happened when I filled the cell with 3 instead of 10 for the SIM_3 for instance). This problem has been occuring only since the latest update as the previous batches I ran had no issues. My intuition is that PVsyst now understands the number in the "Inverter or MPPT" cell as a number of inverters and no more as a number of MPPT as it was before.






How would it be possible to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance PVsyst team and members

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Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I suspect this is due to having 3 sub-arrays (from what I can see in the system window). Since you only have 1 column in the batch mode, it is impossible for PVsyst to know which sub-array to modify, which likely causes it to put the variant in an incorrect state.

If you experience the same issue with a single sub-array, could you drop us a message to support@pvsyst.com, with the project (Home window > File > Export project) as well as the batch params CSV file ? Thanks in advance.

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